2018 Tryouts/Summer Camp

Please find a message from Coach Jamey below…

Hello Wildcats!

So good to see you all again at the banquet. What a night that was! I truly had a blast and it was so nice to celebrate all we accomplished this season. Big thanks, again, to everyone involved with that night. Its a pretty special evening.

I am emailing you because I have recently come to a decision with administration about tryouts and summer camps in 2018. As you all know, I wanted to move tryouts to earlier in the summer for a multitude of reasons. Fortunately, this request was granted!! Below is a lay out of how tryouts and summer camps will work in July of 2018:

July 9 – 12th

JV and Varsity Tryouts
*This week is free of charge
*First round of cuts will be made after the first two days. With the final decisions being made on July 12th.
*Uniforms will also be tried on for those that make a team on July 12th

July 16 – August 2nd

JV and Varsity Summer Camp
*These 3 weeks require payment
*Only for those who made JV or Varsity
*We will also most likely play in some summer tournaments (details to follow)

July 9th – August 2nd

Freshman Summer Camp
*These 4 weeks require payment
*Tryouts for freshman will be held on the first two days of school

Remember, no decisions will be made until tryout day. Every girl who comes to tryouts will be given a fair shake. Decisions will be made based on merit. If you are one of the best players in your position, then you will make a team. If you aren’t, then you won’t. All cuts will be handled with care and the news will be delivered either by myself or by the Freshman/JV coaches.

Thanks everyone! Hope you all have a great Holiday and I definitely hope I see you all in between now and next summer!

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