Tonight’s Match at Hart (10/17)

Hello Parents and Players,
I was made aware on Tuesday night during our Senior Night that the JV start time for this particular event is 4:00 (to allow for extra time to celebrate our seniors).  It is listed on the school athletic schedule, however, I neglected to check it (and it seems a few other parents did too).  Next season, I will send out a reminder of this in advance so that everyone can arrive at the gym in time to watch their team play.  Tonight is Hart’s Senior Night, and the same rule applies.  The JV match will start promptly at 4:00.  The Freshmen game starts at the same time as usual – 3:45.
Also, there was an iPhone charger left behind in the gym on Tuesday.  If it belongs to anybody, please contact Sheree Spencer at Sheree.Spencer
Thank you and good luck to everyone tonight!!!  I can’t believe it’s our last match of the season!!
Loretta Tunnicliffe

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