Helo Wildcats,

This is a reminder that ALL PLAYERS are required to be at the MANDATORY Stadium Clean-Up.

Please be at the Football game at Valencia High School. Game starts at 7pm; however, clean-up will begin IMMEDIATELY after the Varsity game.

Here is some additional information:

West Ranch High School

Football Stadium Cleanup Guidelines

  • Make sure your teams and parents know their clean up date.
  • The custodian will have all the supplies at the game for you. (brooms, rakes, dustpans, gloves, and trashbags.
  • Clean up begins immediately following the Varsity game – usually between 9:00pm-9:30pm.
  • Meet the custodian on duty at the scoreboard side end zone , as soon as the game is over, to get the cleaning supplies.
  • Assign the team to work in groups to clean bleachers on both sides of the stadium.
  • Clean up all trash from the top of the bleachers to the bottom.
  • Clean the concession area.
  • Pick up on the field and the track.
  • Using the brooms and rakes, scoop all trash into the plastic bags.
  • Make sure all litter (cups, programs, etc.) is picked up.
  • Take all filled trash bags to the dumpster behind the home stands on the basketball courts.
  • It usually takes one hour with a group of 30-40.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Taleen Varsam

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