Post Season

Hello everyone, 

As season comes to a close this week I wanted to give you a few updates on what the future holds for your daughters and answer some questions I know you have moving forward:
Question 1: Will the girls be able to leave after lunch and not attend 6th period once season is over?Answer: This is a complicated answer because the school is fickle in the way they treat that situation. One year they let the girls go and they did not have to attend 6th period for the remainder of the semester once volley season was over. Then another year they changed their minds and said the girls had to come to 6th period for the rest of the semester. SO my solution is this…we are going to move forward ASSUMING that they will NOT make the girls stay for 6th period. If they decide to change their minds and make the girls stay, I will be there at the start of 6th period to take attendance and the girls will stay for about 20 minutes and then I will let them go. If for some reason your daughter cant be there for the first 20 min of 6th period then have her text me that reason and I will excuse her. Hopefully that made sense. I will explain to the girls in person too and hopefully that helps. Please direct questions about this to me personally at
Question 2: Will there be an off season class next semester for the girls volleyball program? (does my daughter have to take PE?)
Answer: I am working on it. The last two years I have held an off-season class during 6th period and it has been sub-optimal. When we are not in season we do not get priority use of the gym and that makes getting quality time in the gym very difficult. I am working on a new solution and I will have an answer for you within 3 weeks or so, once the admin/other sports/myself come to an amicable solution 
Hopefully these satiated you to some degree. I will be in contact with you all once I have more clear cut answers. Thank you!
Jamey KerUCLA Class of 2012Legacy Volleyball Club Operations SupervisorPrivate Volleyball Lesson Instructor(661) 607-8125

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