Hello Freshmen Wildcats

Please find tomorrows tournament schedule below:

Location: Burbank High School

Gym doors open at 8:30 am – please tell your players and parents to wait outside until they are open. Coaches meeting in the lobby at 8:45. Group play starts at 9:00.

We will be having 2 teams play in the tournament so you will see 2 game schedules:

Team 1:

Group C – Court 4) – Main Gym

1. Burroughs
2. West Ranch GOLD
3. Culver City
4. Immaculate Heart

Team 2:

Group E – Court 5 – Small Gym

1. Village Christian
2. El Camino
3. Hoover
4. West Ranch NAVY

Game Schedules:

1 v 3 , Ref 2 = 9:00am
2 v 4, Ref 1 = 9:45am
1 v 4, Ref 3 = 10:30am
2 v 3, Ref 1 = 11:15am
3 v 4, Ref 2 = 11:45am
1 v 2, Ref 4 = 12:30pm


Group Play

2 sets (25-25), win by 2.
2 time-outs per set
Coin toss for Serve

Playoff Round – 3 Divisions

Gold (Seeds 1 – 8), Silver (Seeds 9 – 18), and Bronze (Seeds 17 – 20)
Single elimination.
1 Set (25), no cap.
Coin toss for Serve.
If you lose, you must stay to officiate the next match.
Division placement and playoff seeding will be determined by: 1) Win/loss record 2) Head-to-head 3) Point-differential


Teams will get 3 minutes of shared warm-up: 2 minutes of shared hitting, and 1 minute of shared serving. After the first 2 rounds of Group Play, only 2 minutes of shared hitting.


Each team responsible for providing 4 players when assigned officiating duties (2 for line-judging, 2 for scorekeeping). Be on time.

No food or drinks allowed in the gym. Water is acceptable. Please help keep your area clean by picking up any trash. Please put bottles and cans in the designated recycling bins  Snack Shack will be open!

Another thing to remember if you’ve never been to a tournament before, there’s some downtime. You will want to bring a chair or blanket to sit on. You can bring coolers for food and drinks but they must stay outside.

We will set up an area for our team to hang out together so when you get there look for others on the team.

Please text me if you need anything. I’ll try to answer any questions you have.

Good luck Wildcats!!!


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