End of Season

Please find a message from Coach Jamey Ker:

Hello Wildcats!
What a season we’ve had! I have so much to say and I will leave most of it for the banquet so that I may say it to you all in person. But there are some things that I think are important to share with you all between now and then!

1. I have enjoyed this season more than I ever thought I could. Being able to watch the growth that our program went through as a whole was really wonderful! I truly hope that the JV and Freshman enjoyed their seasons, as I certainly enjoyed watching them.

2. For those of you wondering: the Varsity finds out today at 3pm if we have made it into the CIF Playoffs and who we might be playing. The game will be on Tuesday 10/31 if we do get accepted into the playoffs. We will send out more info as we receive it.

3. Many of you may have already heard rumors of this; but I have been petitioning the school to allow me to teach an “off season” volleyball class during 6th period on EVEN days next semester. I believe that the number one way that our program can get better is by getting more touches on the volleyball. In the past I know there has been conditioning class that everyone partakes in. I, however, do not believe that that is where out time/energy is best spent. I will not explain my reasoning here, as to not be too long winded, but if you would like to know why we will not be conditioning in the off season please reach out to me at jameyker@gmail.com or 661 607 8125 and I would be happy to explain my logic.

The administration has recently granted my request to run this 6th period volleyball class with one caveat: we can only use the small gym, because other teams that are in season next semester have priority over us in the big gym. With that being the case it would be virtually impossible for the entire program to practice in the small gym with one court available.

So what I have decided to do is offer the class to a select few girls in the program. We have 11 returning varsity players and I have already asked 3 JV girls to join and those are the 14 that will be in the class. As much as I hate to exclude anyone from this opportunity, it is just not realistic for us to be able to do it with more girls, and I would MUCH rather do it for some than none at all.

It is imperative that you all understand that just because you have not been invited to participate in the class it does not mean that you will not make a team next year. You should also know that just because you HAVE been invited to the class it does not guarantee that you WILL make a team next year. Again, as will be true for eternity, teams will be chosen based on merit alone. And come try out time, I will choose the girls who I believe will best lead our program to a successful season.

If you are wondering what you can do in the off season to get better. The answer is club volleyball. Play wherever you want. But if you want to improve over the next several months, club is the best way to do it.

4. Please be prepared for tryouts to be in early July next year. I am hoping to move tryouts forward as to form teams earlier, get more practice in, get jerseys sooner as well as an infinite number of other advantages. If you were hoping to go on a family vacation over the summer, please keep this in mind. As soon as I get the exact date of tryouts confirmed with the department, I will let you all know so you may plan accordingly. I am hoping to find out in the next couple of weeks.

I know this was a rather hefty email, but I am big on communication, and I didnt want anyone to feel like they were in the dark. I hope I answered some questions or even got out ahead of some questions before they were posed.

Again, wonderful season everyone! I cant wait to see you all again at the banquet to celebrate US!!

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