Claw Out Cancer T-Shirts

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.
Claw Out Cancer T-Shirts will go on sale tomorrow (Monday) at the girls’ matches vs. Saugus!!  The shirts will be sold to all players for $10.00 each and $15.00 each for everyone else.
Don’t forget, 50% of the proceeds go to Circle of Hope and 50% goes back to the teams.  
I wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Chris Shauble for designing, ordering and donating the shirts!  Thank you so much for helping support the program!
Team programs will also be available for distribution at tomorrow’s game.
Also, I wanted to remind everyone again that all purchase orders must be approved by the school BEFORE we spend any money.  So please get any proposals for purchases to me ASAP.
Thank you and see you all tomorrow!
Loretta Tunnicliffe

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