Bus Release Form & Fuels Bags for Monday’s Game

Hello Wildcats,

Bus Release Forms:

ALL players that do NOT want to ride back on the bus AFTER the QUARTZ HILL game on MONDAY MUST complete a Bus Release form and have it signed by the parents and the principal TODAY and turned into the Coach BEFORE getting on the bus to go to QUARTZ HILL.

Also, please remember a player could only go home with THEIR OWN PARENT.

Before leaving you must let your coach know.

Please find the Bus Release Form attached.

If these steps are not completed, the player will have to return with the bus; NO EXCEPTIONS.

Fuel Bags:
If you have signed up for fuel bags for Monday here’s some important information:

Players will be released from class at 12:00pm and the bus will be leaving at 12:30pm. Please have all fuel bags at the school (near the bus) no later than 12:00pm. The bus will not wait and the players will need to eat on the bus on the way to QUARTZ HILL.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Taleen Varsam

Bus Release Form.pdf


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