RESPONSE REQUIRED by RESPONSE REQUIRED by 9/15: Goodwill Pre-Collection ## of Bags9/15: Goodwill Pre-Collection ## of Bags

Hello Wildcats!!!

This is Week #3 of collection. On a weekly basis, I will be sending out an email requesting the number of bags you have collected. REMEMBER: Every bag counts!!! The more bags we collect the more money for our program!!

I have attached the acceptable/not acceptable list of items that can/cannot be donated.

I will need ALL PLAYERS to respond with the number of bags that have been PRE-COLLECTED.

OUR COLLECTION DATE is scheduled for Sunday, October 8.

Please provide the following information by Friday, September 15:

Team (Freshmen, JV or Varsity):
Player Name:
TOTOAL Number of bags collected so far:
If you have given me a number already, please continue to give me the TOTAL number of bags collected to avoid any confusion.

Some things you can do to help with collections:

Get the word out through email, Facebook, twitter, etc.
Go to garage sales on the weekends and collect unsold items.
Deliver kitchen trash bags to neighbors and staple a note asking for donations (state the purpose of the donation and when you will be back to collect the bag).

PRE-COLLECTION IS REQUIRED. We need to monitor progress because we need a minimum number of bags for Goodwill to arrive for pickup. SO WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

o Looking for each Player to Fill Up a Bin
o Approx. 30-35 bags fill up a Bin
o Each Bin = $50.00 for the program

So far here is where we are at:

1st Place: Varsity with 92 bags
2nd Place: Freshmen with 86 bags
3rd Place: JV with 15 bags

Let’s see which team collects the most donation bags.


Thank you,
Taleen Varsam
(818) 430-9687


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