JV Tournament Information for Tomorrow

I received more information regarding the tournament this Saturday.

From what I could make out of the paperwork here is what I see. Coach Taylor maybe able to provide additional information.

Those playing in the 2nd match plan on starting around 9:00. Still need to be there earlier to warm up. A snack bar will be provided at both sites and head coaches will receive free food. The plan is to play 2 sets regardless of ties to finish a little earlier and hopefully beat the afternoon heat.

Teams in BLUE Pool:

West Ranch
Laguna Blanca

Game schedule:

West Ranch is the 2nd Seed:

1 vs 3
2 vs 4
1 vs 4
2 vs 3
3 vs 4
1 vs 2

Afterward: The Playoffs

All teams make the playoffs, with the first round being against a team in the other pool at your site. The losers can go home, while the winners may have to move to the other site.


West Ranch will begin to play at Camarillo High School.  Playoff games could be at either location (Camarillo High School or VCVC – http://venturacountyvbc.com gym)

All players will need to please sign their attached release form (see attached).

Attachment: VCVC-Waiver.doc

Good luck tomorrow!!

Thank you,

Taleen Varsam



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