End of Season Letter

Please find a message from Coach Brandon Pank:

Hello West Ranch!

As our season comes to a close I wanted to take the time to talk about what will be happening for the remainder of your school year as all of you are active participants in the program till summer break!! The Varsity will continue to practice as we make our way into CIF. We do not yet know our schedule for CIF and as soon as we do know more, all of this info will be passed along from Mrs. Varsam. For HOME playoff games all of JV and Freshman will be in the gym to show support and help with reffing assignments and the setup/teardown of the gym. I encourage all of you to make the treck to wherever our away matches are as it will be an exciting way to see some high level volleyball but those games are not mandatory. When CIF playoffs finally come to an end we will start up conditioning for EVERYONE excluding only our 8 graduating seniors, who may participate if they wish. Conditioning is mandatory and not attending will effect your overall letter grade for this semester. Conditioning will be on even days only from 1:00-2:15 at the latest.

Now for the fun stuff. As a program I have decided that we should lead the charge for positive change on our campus. I want nothing more then to have an overwhelming sense of support from our school and to see our bleachers packed with WR fans. Before that can happen, all of us, the amazing Girls Volleyball Program will be attending a multitude of WR events. From theater and color guard to soccer, ice hockey and band we will be the program that leads by example and helps bring to this campus a palpable sense of pride. We will show unified and consistent support for the other programs on campus we will help craft the environment each and every high schooler dreams of being a part of. These events are MANDATORY and if there are any reasons why a player cannot attend then please email me directly and I will try and help in the most appropriate way possible. This is a positive thing for your daughters overall high school experience and success and I will need the support from all of you wonderful parents to make this happen.

Our first program support event will be for our WR theater program as they put on “Into the Woods” on November the 17th (Thursday).
The only thing that could change this is if the varsity has a playoff match but we will not know that till closer to the date. More information will be sent out in the next few weeks and please keep NOVEMBER 17th open!

Thank you all

Brandon PANK
C: 661.373.9222
Legacy Volleyball Club
Head Coach
Private Lesson Instructor
West Ranch High School
Head Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach

Thank you,
Taleen Varsam


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