Camarillo Tournament Schedule

Hello JV Wildcats,

Please find below the information provided by the Tournament.

No teams from the same league in a pool

No team that you just played this week or next

Fairly balanced as far as I can tell

The teams traveling the farthest with the asterisk* will play 2nd round starting around 9:15, the others will start between 8:15 and 8:30. Blue and Silver Pools will be at Camarillo HS, the Black and White Pools will be at VCVC gym (a few miles from the HS) and all players will need to please sign their attached release form. All schools should probably do that not knowing if you will have to travel to that site for the playoffs. Thank you Steve Yoshimoto for opening VCVC for us to use.


*West Ranch
*Laguna Blanca

Good luck this weekend!!!
Thank you,
Taleen Varsam

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